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Last year I began a journey I’d been planning for years – decades, actually.

To get there, required a few big leaps… and many, many small ones along the way. And, while it’s wonderful that I’ve finally reached this point, I’m sad in a way, that it took so long – it didn’t have to. It doesn’t have to. In fact, you can do it in as little as six months. You can make some moves, in weeks. Regardless of your age. Regardless of your finances. All you need is FOCUS.

My particular path took me to Japan. I’ve wanted to live and work overseas for as long as I can remember, and I pursued endless paths to make this dream a reality. Yet, nothing seemed to pan out.

And, then, a fateful trip to Tokyo to see Paul McCartney in April of 2017 shone a light on a path I’d never seen before. Three months later I gave notice at my workplace, and two months later I was living here in Kobe.

Now, you may not want to live abroad – totally cool. Head Down Beard Out isn’t about traveling and adventure… it’s about helping you find the way (or, ways) to live YOUR life – to achieve YOUR goals whatever they may be.

And, so after I made the decision to live here, I started thinking…

… thinking that getting what we want out of life doesn’t have to be this long crazy-drawn out process. It may have taken me five months to get here, but I decided (quite literally) within days of arriving in Tokyo that Japan was to be my home.

For men in particular, many of our goals are unconsciously tied what we believe it means to be a man. How we provide. How we protect. How we love. How we make.

And I realized it’s important to understand that moving overseas, starting your own company, or simply carving out more time for yourself, or your family, does not require overcoming a morass of obstacles. In fact, it usually involves just getting past a few small obstacles. Obstacles that once you’re past them seem so trivial. You’ll wonder why in the hell it took so long. It can be that simple. Really.

Much of my understanding of this power comes from learning and adapting the beautiful volume of work women have been creating in support of their own communities. As such, I must give a HUGE shout out to Regina Anaejionu from By Regina and Marie Forleo for literally helping forge a path these last few years.

Our beardless brethren are masters of community. Masters of learning. Masters of sharing. Masters of aiming for their own points of light. I’ve mentioned two – there are scores of others. There is an astounding amount of encouraging, insightful, smack-you-upside-the-head great content for women.

In contrast, we men often seem more distracted… more unaware of how we need to get where we need to be. And, we’re not often good at asking for help. In fact, I think this is perhaps our greatest problem. I still deal with this even thought things are more clear than ever. If you have a confidant in your life, this becomes infinitely easier. But, if you don’t, you can really struggle.

So, I want to aid in that process. I want to help men create the sort of like-minded communities women have developed to help one another succeed in life like mad. Not just business… life. As men, we have an in-built desire to help one another out. Let’s do more of that.

There a few communities for men online that are just fantastic – my favorite is The Art of Manliness. If you’re not already a fan, go there. Listen to Brett’s podcasts, and read the website. Buy their manly swag if you’re so inclined. Some of it can serve as a great reminder of your goals. Brett’s podcast, in particular, is one of my most favorite things on the planet.

That said, I still think there’s a place for a community and supporting material that helps men focus on carving out a specific, and systematic path to completing their goals. And, that’s what I’m hoping to design here with Head Down, Beard Out.

Funny name, right? What’s it mean?

Well, the name comes from the idea that when you put your head down and let your beard grow out, that you’re focusing like mad on whatever it is you’re doing. And, when you do that… life’s goals become reality.

I’ve noticed this time and time again in my own life – that when I really set my mind to something, and point myself in the direction of seeing that goal materialize, it simply happens.

Want to change your body? Just workout, and eat well. It’s really that simple.

Want to earn more? Find out how that’s done. Ask for a raise… learn to be a better negotiator. or, perhaps start a side hustle.

The answers are there, we often just need to ACT on a PLAN.

For years, I’ve thought the answer to these questions was deceptively simple. That to succeed we had to “just do it.”

But, I’ve learned, it’s not really that simple. People tend to need a roadmap… a blueprint if you will… and people to bounce ideas off of to make stuff happen. That’s what we’re here to help you do.

Oh, and on the beard part itself… well, growing a beard is, for the most part the one thing only a man can do – so we should own it!

If you want to focus on life in 2019 and beyond, let’s do it together.

So, grow out that beard.
Build things.
Be more healthy.
Earn and Learn.
Be a loving partner to those in your life who need you to be.

And, get all the love you want out of life yourself.

Head Down, Beard Out aims to help us become the men we want to be. Do you want that as well? Join in, there is SO much more coming, and I look forward to working with you in your journey.

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Lots to come!

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Doc Kane
Kobe, Japan
Dec. 29, 2018